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Glenfiddich 38y Rare Cask 1978 - 70cl

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Glenfiddich 38y Rare Cask 1978 - 70cl

Nose: A rich and complex aroma with deep, sherry notes (raisins, dates, sultanas) and a beautiful oaky sweetness. Addition of a little water releases a vibrant, spicy character with hints of vanilla, butterscotch and polished leather. Palate: A wonderful balance of rich oak notes and sweet, fruity spice. Initially very intense with lots of tannin and mouth coating wood flavour. After a few minutes a subtle vanilla sweetness and gentle fruity character develops (baked apple, rhubarb, ripe pears). The layers of flavour continue to unfold over a very long period meandering from oak to sweet to fruity to spicy and back again. Finish: Very long and lingering with a warm sweet afterglow.

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